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Project Description

image of Marcelle Saab, ERPi Senior Consultant

Marcelle Saab


Veterans Experience Office, Enterprise Measurement & Performance Improvement

Veterans do not see three separate administrations – they only see VA. VEO’s mission is to improve the Veteran’s experience as they interact with VA to receive care and/or services. ERPi is leading VEO’s Enterprise Measurement initiative to amplify the voice of the Veteran and their community, and wire their feedback directly to those VA leaders at all levels who are empowered to drive change.

As a senior consultant at ERPi, I work every day to design and develop surveys to gather feedback from Veterans and their families about their interactions with VA. These interactions span the agency and include, for example, visiting their doctor, submitting a disability compensation application, or inquiring about a headstone for a recently deceased Veteran. The surveys provide near-real time feedback through all levels within the VA to help identify trends, address issues, and resolve problems. Over the next year, we will be leading measurement efforts across all of VA’s 13 lines of business. Additionally, using text analytics, we are identifying veterans at risk of suicide or who are homeless, and referring them to VA’s action groups for immediate intervention.

Why This Work Matters

The impact of the surveys is the enablement of Veteran communication with all levels of the VA, from the Secretary of VA, to doctors, to claims processors to call center representatives. It allows VA to focus its modernization efforts directly to those issues which are impacting Veterans the most, and to diffuse best practices for centers of excellence within VA. The results of our work are seen through the improvements to our Veterans’ experience in engaging VA.

Making a Difference

ERPi centers its culture on being of service to others. The work we perform at VEO makes me feel connected to my colleagues, our company mission, and most importantly VA’s mission. With so many family and friends that have served, I know personally that it is crucial to continue to provide support after active duty. These surveys enable more open lines of communication between a vast organization, and individual Veterans and their families and the unique needs of the individuals. We are hearing feedback from approximately 100,000 Veterans monthly, and we are providing VA’s decision-makers with easy access to this data through advanced analytics, so that they may act upon Veterans’ feedback, and drive performance improvements at the local, program, and agency-level. We are supporting over 200 Veterans annually who are in crisis, either with thoughts of self-harm, harm-to-others, or who are homeless.