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Project Description

Patricia Haigler, ERPi Consultant

Patricia Haigler

Senior Consultant

VHA Office of Strategic Integration | Veterans Engineering Resource Center (OSI|VERC), VHA Modernization

ERPi facilitated the engagement of over 80 stakeholders, representing all levels of Veterans Health Administration (VHA), whose mission was to begin designing the realignment of core functions of VA operations. ERPi facilitated several of these design sessions. The product, currently under consideration by the Department’s senior leadership, is a proposal for a clinically-led, outcome-focused, innovative, and technology-enabled organizational design for VHA. Our approach reflects the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence criteria, aligns VA operations to strategic goals, and improves communication, productivity, and effectiveness. Additionally, our team’s strategic change management approach provides VHA with the tools and processes needed to manage portfolios of change, coordinate the communication of these efforts across the Administration, and drive desired behaviors and practices.

VHA is the nation’s largest integrated healthcare system, serving 9 million Veterans each year. As the Veteran population ages and the number of Veterans requiring care grows, it is essential that VA can meet those demands. ERPi is working to ensure more Veterans can access high quality care. Through VHA Modernization, ERPi has assisted VHA’s movement towards a culture of learning, common support services, incentives aligned for value, real-time access to knowledge, and shared measures and standards—all in support of higher quality of care, better access, and improved experience of care for our Veterans. This work is informing a new “Veteran-driven system of care,” which will include streamlined services and less administrative barriers, enhancing VA staff’s ability to deliver the best care to Veterans and communities.

Why This Work Matters

As the daughter of two Veterans currently in VA care, the importance of serving our Veterans is always at the forefront of my work. Ensuring that our Veterans understand what is available to them, communicating what changes they can expect from VA, and how VA is working to put them at the center of the decision-making process is of the utmost importance.

As a communications consultant, I provide public relations and communications support for this effort. I am part of a team preparing communications materials on national-level policies and procedures for major VHA initiatives, including organizational transformation and culture change. Part of our strategy has been tailoring messages for each unique stakeholder group. For both internal and external stakeholders, we have developed messages and materials that provide the reason VHA is restructuring its system, the changes, and next steps ahead.

Making a Difference

ERPi prides itself on innovative thinking. On a large scale, ERPi’s work with VHA Modernization has been providing innovative solutions to meet the needs of one of the nation’s largest and most complex health systems. On a smaller scale, my colleagues and I develop creative solutions to meet our client needs. One of the most critical communications goals during VHA Modernization has been ensuring internal VA and VHA stakeholders have a say in the changes taking place within their organization. The communications team developed a messaging strategy announcing an idea forum to solicit their feedback. The forum was launched on VA’s internal employee site. Our strategy drove engagement and viewership, resulting in 20,000 views and over 300 ideas submitted in the first two weeks of the campaign.