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Project Description

Alfred Padden, ERPi Manager

Alfred Padden


Department of the Army

As an ERPi manager, I continue to strengthen ERPi’s relationship with the Department of the Army, which started almost 10 years ago. ERPi began supporting the Army by providing technical and functional support to a web-based Oracle business intelligence and data discovery tool. Over the course of nearly a decade, our team took a fledgling system and worked diligently to increase its capabilities and exposure across the Army. That hard work paid off and ultimately the system was recognized with multiple industry awards and recognitions, including The Computer World Honors Laureate (2013), FedScoop Federal IT program of the year (2014), Gov Loop Top 20 Innovations That Mattered (2014), GCN Honorable Mention (2014), and Fed Scoop Tech Program of the Year (2014).

Why This Work Matters

In 2014, ERPi, and our prime partner Booz Allen Hamilton, assumed the lead for supporting a newly established Capability Management Office (CMO). The CMO is the Army’s Functional Lead for the development and acquisition of an enterprise-level solution that integrates and aggregates data from across the Army to better inform senior leader decision-making. With a combination of highly skilled technical experts and retired Army senior leaders, our staff has helped the client take the CMO mission from “good idea” to acquisition oversight, with most of that work occurring in the last 15 months.

Making a Difference

For many of our staff, being part of something cutting edge is inspiration enough. For those of us who have served and retired, finding a meaningful way to continue to serve an institution that has been part of the fabric of our lives and that of our families for so long is where the real inspiration comes from. While our efforts do not directly support Soldiers in harm’s way like a new weapon or radio does, our efforts will ensure that decision makers have the best information available before making decisions that potentially put Soldiers – our sons and daughters – in harm’s way. That is where the true inspiration comes from.