We believe that project success is not based on our consultants’ technical skills, methodologies and certifications alone.  Instead, we create the right 'fit' by employing professionals who meet our customers’ expectations and deliver organizational impact.

This requires a focused discipline to:

  • Hire:  We proactively identify potential client needs in advance, and we recruit highly specialized key hires that have mission understanding and deliver results.  We evaluate candidates for technical skills, with behavioral interviews, and for the Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) five executive core qualifications and twenty-two discrete traits.  We exhaust every technique to hire top performers and ensure there is a fit with the client domain, culture, and technical needs.

  • Develop:  Each professional completes goal setting and periodic reviews to identify opportunities for technical skills development, core qualifications development, and consulting skills to provide tailored support to our clients.  As an employee advances we conduct 360 assessments and executive coaching.  The entire management team engages in personality, leadership and cultural assessments to cultivate continued curiosity, and self-awareness for improvement and understanding how we can uniquely contribute.

  • Place:  We maintain greater than 90% project retention, by correctly staffing professionals that offer unique client mission understanding.  We provide value by closely listening to our client’s unique requirements, understanding their organizations, and staffing professionals who fit.