ERPi initiated a multi-year outreach campaign to increase awareness of the Women Veterans Call Center (WVCC). The objective of the campaign is to break down barriers to access and connect the growing number of Women Veterans with the appropriate VA services and benefits earned.  Our campaign efforts to date have resulted in an increase in the number of women Veterans served by the Call Center.  Prior to the campaign, the Call Center served 58,000 beneficiaries, and with our outreach we have reached over 340,000 beneficiaries.

ERPi began the WVCC campaign by assessing the goals and objectives of the WVCC and the unique challenges of reaching women Veterans.  Through first-hand staff feedback, ERPi branded the campaign and delivered a product that represented the culture, values, and philosophy of Women’s Health Services and the WVCC.


ERPi recognizes that engaging women Veterans requires thoughtful, intentional outreach. ERPi created WVCC promotional materials to enhance trust and convey the message that WVCC is staffed only by women, many of whom are women Veterans.



ERPi expanded on promotional materials developed for WVCC to include conference giveaways, pamphlets, and brochures. This allowed VA to reach women Veterans on time.

Developing a web presence

Communicating to women Veterans requires the ability to understand and navigate barriers surrounding women Veterans and their aptitude to identify as a Veteran. To connect with women Veterans beyond their title, we created content that engaged them about their service. 

After the redesign and content integration, WVCC's web page accounted for nearly 20% of WHS web traffic. This traffic has increased annually.



ERPi built and executed a robust social media strategy in support of the WVCC campaign. ERPi maintained strong working relationships with OPIA and VHA Communications to ensure seamless integration of WVCC campaign materials into their channels, expanding the reach of our campaign and increasing access to care.



Expanding Service

                                                  WVCC Live chat

In 2016, ERPi was integrally involved in the development and launch of the Call Center’s online chat functionality. This effort required extremely close alignment with the vision and strategy of WVCC and relied on a deep understanding and knowledge of proven communications strategies to women Veterans.  

ERPi developed, built, trained, and deployed this functionality on behalf of the Call Center.  With this additional function, we continued to grow the reach and access for women Veterans.

ERPi’s WVCC campaign resulted in several million social media impressions and increased women Veterans’ engagement with VA.  In 2014, WVCC reached 58,000 annual beneficiaries. By 2016, WVCC’s reach increased to 340,000 beneficiaries.

ERPi continues to innovate to improve access to care for all women Veterans.