Diffusion of Excellence Summit sparks innovation across VHA

ERPi coordinated the Second Diffusion of Excellence Summit, held at the Orlando VAMC and the National SimLEARN Center on January 11-13, 2017.  Over 120 VA employees attended, from facility frontline staff, to VISN and VHA leadership, to diffuse best practice in healthcare across the enterprise.

ERPi led and coordinated the second Diffusion of Excellence Summit in January 2017. The event convened VA and non-VA employees, including VHA senior leaders; VA Innovators Network Innovation Specialists; members of the Special Medical Advisory Group (SMAG); and frontline staff from over 25 facilities across the country. The event included panel discussions; keynote speakers, including Dr. David Shulkin; human-centered design Action Plan preparation; and live simulation of clinical practices.


ERPi worked alongside EES, Orlando VAMC, and SimLEARN Center staff to build the conference package, arrange space for plenary sessions, breakout sessions, and to organize transportation to the conference.

ERPi coordinated the design and look and feel of conference materials including the conference logo, and pre-Summit timeline that was visible to over 200 VA staff.  This logo was used on all presentations, name tags, email communications, and table tents.


ERPi created and designed content to reform the small-group discussions and learning at the Summit.


The Summit kicked off with a panel of Special Medical Advisory Group (SMAG) members that are leaders in the private sector healthcare industry.  Included in the panel was the Keynote speaker, Dr. David Pryor, Executive Vice President, Ascension. ERPi coordinated and developed panel discussion questions and keynote topics.

ERPi wrote, compiled, designed, and printed programs for all attendees, that included an agenda, speaker bios, facility maps, and practice blurbs.  ERPi also drafted the daily presentation decks and full conference script for client sponsors.


During the Summit, VA staff were able to simulate their best practices using the SimLEARN Center capabilities.  ERPi facilitated the preparation for these simulations with SimLEARN staff and the bests practice Fellows.


ERPi coordinated the design of a certificate of achievement to recognize the Fellows who created a best practice at their facility, which was presented by Dr. Carolyn Clancy, Deputy Under Secretary of Health (DUSH) for Organizational Excellence. 

Dr. David Shulkin, Secretary of VA, joined the Summit via video conference to congratulate and celebrate the best practice Fellows.


The Summit garnered 18,000 views on VA’s Facebook Live page and over 24,500 impressions on Twitter.