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ERPi was awarded the Army General Fund Enterprise Business System (GFEBS) Program Technical and Management Support Services contract.

GFEBS is an integrated, Army-wide business management system that enables General Fund financial and real property management capabilities including funds distribution, execution, reporting, and accounting, as well as real property accountability, maintenance, and asset accounting.

GFEBS implements commercial off-the-shelf enterprise resource planning software solutions (COTS ERP). It is deployed across the Active Army, Army National Guard and Army Reserve Component to over 53,000 users. GFEBS has been in sustainment for a number of years and is receiving incremental enhancements.

The scope of work for this contract includes

  • information assurance
  • enterprise design and consolidation
  • portfolio and project management
  • and business process design and management

Congratulations to the Army team for bringing in this win to expand our Army presence and increase our IT-related capabilities!

“For those of us who have served and retired, finding a meaningful way to continue to serve an institution that has been part of the fabric of our lives and that of our families for so long is where the real inspiration comes from. While our efforts do not directly support Soldiers in harm’s way like a new weapon or radio does, our efforts will ensure that decision makers have the best information available before making decisions that potentially put Soldiers – our sons and daughters – in harm’s way. That is where the true inspiration comes from.” Alfred Padden, ERPi Manager.

*U.S. Army photograph by William B. King.

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