Unique to professional services consulting companies, ERPi achieves enduring solutions for our clients through open collaboration with all stakeholders, actively recruiting, staffing and retaining the right professionals, and solving the hardest problems from applying our enterprise-level experience.  Our approach has resulted in delivering well analyzed, trusted consulting services accepted by Senior Leaders and stakeholders that are key to the mission and decision process.


Eliminating Barriers Case Study

Reduced manual data retrieval, aggregation and integration from 420 to 40 - 60 hours for five times the number of units per month by standing up a Senior Leadership oversight meetings to eliminate data sharing cultural barriers and obtain endorsement of an enterprise analytics solution.

Case Studies

Management Transformation Case Study

Identified and mitigated organizational and technical risk in delivering a large, complex transformation program for a leading Government institute. This included providing oversight support to senior executives, crossing all administrative and operational organizations. We applied quantitative program evaluation techniques and provided input into the organization's long-term operating strategy and policy to manage the risk in delivering a large complex program, and was officially recognized for our efforts supporting the successful deployment of the NBS solution to over 18,000 employees.

Case Studies